• ART-PR Europe was founded by Alessandra Barabaschi.
    She had worked in London, Milan, Rome and Cologne before.
    Her professional experience comprehends a nine-year managerial career in PR and Marketing within a world renowned company.
  • Alessandra Barabaschi has published articles and books in several languages.
    Besides her achievements as art historian and specialist in the history of the instruments by Antonio Stradivari, she has written several mystery novels for learners of Italian and German, crime novels, guidebooks, and has developed an educational concept for a series of children's books.
  • With a University Degree in Modern and Contemporary Art and a Master in Art Management at Bocconi University in Milan, Alessandra offers the perfect liaison between the passionate art world and the highly structured business environment.
    Thanks to her profound knowledge of both fields, customers on each side can rely on her deep insight and understanding.
  • Alessandra Barabaschi speaks three languages fluently and has a good command of further two. Therefore, she enjoys to take part in international literary and art projects.
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